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There and Back Again: A Linux Tail

I have been wanting to mumble about my experiences testing Linux out on my gaming system for weeks already. And now it’s the last day of August and I don’t want to break the minimum-of-a-post-a-month thing I’ve had going on, so it’s coming at ya all rush-like. Enjoy.

I rather like the regularity there...

I’m partial to the regularity there…

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scraps: -nocookie

So, for those who care about such things, I have enabled “privacy-enhanced mode” on every currently-embedded YouTube video on I’ll endeavour to do this on future posts too. This doesn’t affect Vimeo or other video-streaming sites though, and I haven’t looked into whether they even have the option. Why’d I do it? Because for reasons I haven’t fully defined, I don’t think external sites should get to know things about my visitors without my visitors having explicitly opted to engage with the external content. But one shouldn’t think of this change as anything more than a gesture in a particular direction – I’m lazy and won’t be arsed to make significant changes to more things. It just so happens that this particular change was pretty easy to make.

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Why, would you look at the date! It’s about time I added more text to this thing, innit? Well, let’s see, what have I got to say? …
Starting with myself, I started a new job last week, so that’s been nice. Game-wise, I’ve been playing a lot of The Witcher (one). And something about a giraffe. Yes.

pic related?

pic related?

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Smells Good Man

(That’s the PC, for the peasants among you.)


That’s right, folks. GTA V has finally released on PC, and hot damn if it isn’t my first new-release pre-order game-purchase of the year! I’ve been chomping at the bit to play this since it got rolled out to the peasant platforms last year and studiously avoiding spoilers, too-detailed opinions, reviews, and gameplay videos (okay, I cheated a little with those, particularly after the PS4 and XBONE releases). After all this time, I now have the game sitting on my work desk. It and the lovely box, cover, (seven!) discs, map, poster, and most of all smell have all been doing their delicious parts to taunt and tease me, but it won’t be long now…

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Something about something…

something about me
Bet’cha thought I’d skip a month, ‘eh? Well you’d have bet wrong, and you’d have owed money to someone. But you probably didn’t bet, which is probably good. So good, in fact, you might feel generous enough to give, oh, half of what you would have bet to me instead? Except you can’t, because I haven’t put any way of accepting stranger’s money on here. So, yeah… Better luck next time.

Anyway, this post’s less free-game and more personal-blog (except my life is games and tech so, obviously, there’ll be some of that). Sorry. That’s just a little heads-up to the freebie-watchers so they don’t waste their time. You’re welcome.


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Slipping into the shadows…

I could hold myself back no longer, and have succumbed to welcoming darkness of Mordor. Which is to say, I watched a video of Shadow of Mordor’s Nemesis system in action and got myself well excited to give it a go, so I bought the thing. To ease the pain some, I found a 25% off code for Green Man Gaming so the cash-burn isn’t quite retail-degree. Find out about said code and video after the jump.


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Now what’s that there whirligig?

If it’s the 10th of September 2014, one might notice a spinning banner whirligig up on the top right of the page. Why’d I go an stick that up there, you ask? Engaging some Internet activist hippy type keyboard warrior thing, am I? Well, to answer the latter question, not entirely because that’s the rather unobtrusive banner option. As for the former, I like the idea of unbiased treatment of packet data and I’ll try to explain why after the jump.


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Gibs: Stay a while and listen to (watch) Tek Syndicate

On one of my YouTube adventures (binges) I happened upon a video by Tek Syndicate. Well, actually, I ignored it there in the “recommended” section for a few days and finally let my curiosity out to click on it, but anyway… That indulgence in curiosity has steadily led to Tek Syndicate becoming one of my favourite places on the internet, with their technology and internet news, hardware reviews, and general cool. The Tek, their “main” video series, has become something that I eagerly look forward to watching every week and the other review, news, and gaming videos are almost always informative and interesting (and always entertaining). So, you should watch them (whoever you are), to know more things and stuff.

But that’s not all! Here’s the bit where I reveal an ulterior motive to this post… They’re (well, Logan is) giving away a car (Logan’s car), along with a sweet, new gaming PC that I’d be mighty proud to own (wanna know who Logan is? Watch The Tek! :P). So, y’know, watch The Tek (and everything else Tek Syndicate does), enter the car competition by referring my entry to give me more entries when you make entries (yeah, yeah, I’m in ol’ RSA and not really eligible but whatever, shut up; if you’re in Yankee Land or Canada make friends here, if I win maybe I could ask Logan to drive to you instead of getting him and car stuffed into a container for shipping), and just be a better human Tek. Being. Teing. Err…

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E32014: Full E3 Ahead!

So E3 2014 (that’s Electronic Entertainment Expo…) is in full swing right now (well, perhaps not, depending on when you’re reading this, but it is a-swingin’ as I type).

E32014: Full E3 Ahead!

I shan’t be covering everything, because a) I’m not in LA, 2) I’m not yet writing about games for a living so going there can’t be justified as a business expense, III) I don’t have a sponsor to send me there (see points a and 2), and four) I have a day job not related to gaming so I can’t very well be sitting around watching live-streams all day (night, actually, because America Time). But all that said, there are some really cool things coming out of that gaming super-convention, so keep an eye out for moar posts (!) about the things coming out of E3 that catch my eye.

Use this here link (AKA the E32014 tag) to see all the things I end up posting that have something to do with E3 2014:

Also, today should mark the first day I make more than one actual, genuine, no just BS or testing post! Go progress!

Gibs: Holy rAging dates, Bitcoin!

Or: rAge 2014’s date changes and a local Bitcoin ATM is a thing that is happening. Basically, some stuff wot I saw upon my Feedly today.

This just in: rAge, a really Awesome gaming expo that takes place in South Africa every year and is basically the bestest single LAN and gaming event in the everywhere [citation needed], has had its usual first-weekend-of-October date changed. It’s now taking place a week later, from 10 October to 12 October, to leverage the power of school holidays or something.

And then, because I saw the article right after the rAge one and something needs to be done with this site/blog/blahg/wat/thing, South Africa’s getting a Bitcoin ATM! In Sandton somewhere (that’s kinda our tech and business capital type place, and also where wealthy business and trendy types live, or some such)! I don’t do much with Bitcoins, besides leaving miners running on PCs of mine that’d be powered-on anyway, but I think us getting our first Bitcoin ATM is a pretty sweet thing and I look forward to the day where I actually have a Bitcoin to use (pooled mining is slow stuff, what with only little desktops running here and there)! Or some other cryptocurrency… R4mCoins, anyone? 😀

Read more about both of these of things at their/my sources, here and here!

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