Smells Good Man

(That’s the PC, for the peasants among you.)


That’s right, folks. GTA V has finally released on PC, and hot damn if it isn’t my first new-release pre-order game-purchase of the year! I’ve been chomping at the bit to play this since it got rolled out to the peasant platforms last year and studiously avoiding spoilers, too-detailed opinions, reviews, and gameplay videos (okay, I cheated a little with those, particularly after the PS4 and XBONE releases). After all this time, I now have the game sitting on my work desk. It and the lovely box, cover, (seven!) discs, map, poster, and most of all smell have all been doing their delicious parts to taunt and tease me, but it won’t be long now…

Clearly, I am pleased. Even if I am at work. I may even post some opinions of the game once I have spent a little time with it (don’t hold your breath, though, I’ve talked that talk before).


GTA V on PC marks my first new-release game purchase for 2015, and indeed my first pre-order. Now, before you go calling me the thing that is wrong with modern gaming, I only placed my pre-order this very morning. I’m a little surprised I still could, actually. I meant to do it yesterday, but well, life and all that. I place my pre-orders no more than a week before release, preferably two days. I don’t like the idea of publishers counting their record-setting money-piles before they’ve even shipped the product, but I also can’t just let those incentives pass me by… So, I pre-order – but I do it as late as possible.

Really though, all this post is for is a way for me to pass the (slow, crawling) time. And brag a little. And celebrate a new game. I could say something about the sadly all-too-rare excitement of a physical product purchase in a world that’s become so taken with digital distribution, but I think, “No,” I won’t do that. I’ll just say, “Oh man, that new game smell…”