Le ava.

What is this I don’t even…

This site right here is the personal blog for one R4mzy, lurker of the intertubular labyrinths. It serves to broadcast the mutterings of the creature, though by whom and to what end remains unknown.

A brave few have tuned assorted receivers to the frequencies from which these broadcasts originate, subjecting themselves to the raw inexplicalities to be found there. They have been lost to utter madness, reduced to making incomprehensible mumblings and scratching vague symbols onto anything they come into contact with. Others still have risked all by scrutinising the ramblings of those now lost to us. The texts found here are the results of the intent but entirely uncomprehending efforts of these Scrutineers, and though they emerge from their activities with words writ and posts posted, in the words of their leader shortly before falling into insanity: “It is as though we are mere vehicles, not translating but instead being the medium through which the beast speaks…”

Some hints and clues pointing to the intention of this site have been noticed, with discussion and review of matters surrounding videogaming appearing to play a central theme. Undertones in the works suggest some rumination regarding information technology and communications, along with two-wheeled, motorised transportational mechanisms, and various worldly developments.


Okay, in all seriousness, my name is R4mzy (doh!), I live in South Africa, I work as a network administrator, and this is my personal blog. On it, I write and share all sorts of things to do with videogaming, information and communication technology, motorcycling, assorted world news, and my opinions. Mainly videogame stuff, though, and mainly on PC. Like my own reviews, news from the gaming industry, my thoughts on, err, “stuff” about the gaming industry, et cetera. There’ll also be some wordy things about whatever series or book(s) I find myself enjoying (and perhaps music, too). And probably other, undefined things as yet to be determined. Also ellipses, I like ellipses.

You can find me on Steam as R4mzy, on Twitter as @R4mzyZA (I don’t do much with Twitter though…), and as R4mzy or R4mzyZA pretty much anywhere else.