It’s yours if you want it: Homefront

I posted an offer for this on Reddit’s /r/GiftOfGames. Go there if you want it.

Homefront was free on Humble Bundle a week or two ago (that’s the 2011 one – not the bugfest that is Revolution. Though to be fair it may have been patched…). I redeemed it as soon as I heard, naturally. The fact that I had bought and played it on release (steel box edition and all that – yes, I drank the Kool Aid of the time) changed nothing. So I have a Homefront key (for Steam) looking for a new, ahem, home, and yeah, this is a giveaway.

The gate of San Fran’.

Comment on this post by sometime around the 20th of December 2017 to enter the running. Sometime the next day I’ll pick a winner and contact you via whatever email address you use on the comment system. It might be random, I might just like how you comment, you might be the only commenter, I don’t know how the selection will work – only that I will make it and if you don’t reply within an arbitrary time period (three hours at a minimum) I’ll pick someone else.
lol nope

As I remember, Homefront wasn’t exactly critically acclaimed but neither was it entirely terrible. I enjoyed my play-through, even if it was kinda short. It was a shot at something a little thematically unique, and it helped that said theme played on a few political winds of the time (North Korea doing /things/… which, uh, well that’s relevant now too, so…). The shooty bits were competent enough and I don’t remember much to complain about (besides, y’know, the length). A solid shooter, my memory would have me believe.

Multiplayer was an enjoyable affair too, with some nice ideas around the classes and progression systems. I think it was just ahead of the curve in some respects (in the way perks and unlocks were handled, etc.). But, it too was short-lived. I think I was able to find populated local servers for about two weeks before they dried up entirely. I suspect it’s entirely dead now and the infrastructure may even have been decommissioned.

Anyway, there we are. That header image is the one screenshot I seem to have uploaded to Steam when I played this thing.