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Bird, bird, bird is the… flight sim?

A cool thing I saw while sailing the Internet today was Birdly, which is a device-type-thing-what that works with the Oculus Rift to, basically, be a bird simulator. Well, a bird flight simulator, more accurately.


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Gibs: Brace yourselves, the Steam Summer Sale is coming (tomorrow)

Well, apparently. According to assorted internet sources, the 2014 Steam Summer Sale starts on 19 June 2014. Sources like this thread on the NeoGAF forums, and then this confirmation by Eurogamer, and some of these Google search results.


Hail Gaben.

I’m not certain whether I’m happy with this news. My money all got sunk into a pretty new DeathAdder just last week (review incoming… eventually… probably on the weekend…), so I guess it’s time to start skipping meals (at least those I need to pay for) and avoiding social engagements.

Whatever the case, if it’s not tomorrow, it will be soon. So, y’know, prepare thy wallets.

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E32014: Microsoft’s Xbox Conference

So I sat down to watch Microsoft’s Xbox conference for E3 2014. Of course, it was mostly XBONE focussed, but some game news caught my attention. Things like CoD Advanced Warfare, Assassin’s Creed Unity, the new Tomb Raider, and more after the jump.


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E32014: Far Cry 4’s villain, gameplay, release detailed

For E3 update number two, the next shiny to catch the distant hollerings of my attention is Far Cry 4. We have the introduction of that stylish and controversial (at least to the conclusion-jumping internet folk) main villain, a look at some gameplay and co-op action, and a release date.

E32014: Far Cry 4's villain, gameplay, release detailed

But first, a bloody selfie.

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E32014: GTA V coming to PC

First up in the E32014 avalanche, is the official news of GTA V coming to PC! And the XBONE and PS4, but whatever. PC! It’ll be coming during our spring 2014 (“fall” 2014…). More details and a trailer after the jump.

E32014: GTA V Coming to PC

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E32014: Full E3 Ahead!

So E3 2014 (that’s Electronic Entertainment Expo…) is in full swing right now (well, perhaps not, depending on when you’re reading this, but it is a-swingin’ as I type).

E32014: Full E3 Ahead!

I shan’t be covering everything, because a) I’m not in LA, 2) I’m not yet writing about games for a living so going there can’t be justified as a business expense, III) I don’t have a sponsor to send me there (see points a and 2), and four) I have a day job not related to gaming so I can’t very well be sitting around watching live-streams all day (night, actually, because America Time). But all that said, there are some really cool things coming out of that gaming super-convention, so keep an eye out for moar posts (!) about the things coming out of E3 that catch my eye.

Use this here link (AKA the E32014 tag) to see all the things I end up posting that have something to do with E3 2014:

Also, today should mark the first day I make more than one actual, genuine, no just BS or testing post! Go progress!

Gibs: Holy Cheap Games, Batman!

I really need to quit using that line… Origin’s doing the cheap games thing, with a “Player Appreciation Sale,” “games you would actually play” campaign (poking a little fun at Steam’s “there’s always something on sale” thing which for many just ends up being library filler).


There are some great specials on, with the games being 70% off which is a pretty decent discount. Personally, I’m picking up Dead Space 2, Need for Speed Shift, Bulletstorm, and probably Syndicate too. I’m on the fence about Syndicate, since most reviews I see praise the co-op as its best aspect but I’m usually late to the party with co-op titles and end up hardly playing the co-op bits ’cause everyone’s done with ’em already (nudge nudge, wink wink).

Oh, and here’s something unprecedented: I didn’t find out about this from NAG Online! It came right from the source! Isn’t that something?

And now to go contemplate how terrible I am for starting to actually like EA’s Origin while I wait for the downloads…