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scraps: the twit on top

I added a scrolly-Twitter-thing because I thought it was neat-o. I’ve always liked unobtrusive scrolly bits (tickers); it’s probably got something to do with watching too many news channels and daytime infomercial television, so here we are. At least there’s some activity on the screen now. Kinda.

But wait there’s-
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scraps: I moved something

Can you tell what it is? Can you tell where it’s gone?!
An Internet (maybe) to the first person to comm-… err, actually, no, there aren’t any Internets for this (not even maybe). That’d be ridiculous. Total, flagrant disregard for manufactured scarcity. Can’t have it (actually still maybe).

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scraps: now with more code

The keen-eyed among you should notice that I finally implemented code tags for the site theme. They are so stupendously overdue I can hardly fathom how I got on without them for so long. But there we are; marvel at our resilience in the face of difficulty and all that.

I did ’em all quick ‘n dirty like (see also: this post, your mom, haha, etcetera), for the benefit of the post to follow this one. Good, bad, colour suggestions, rubbish, thoughts, those things – they go in the comments.

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scraps: more bits on top

It’s the website we all know and love, but with more bits on top. That is, a few post categories I opted to list in the header menu to make it look, err, more used. Good idea? Terrible idea? Inspires a better idea that you’re willing to help me implement because I’m not terribly good at this page-making business and this whole thing kinda came together more-or-less by accident and I have no idea what I’m doing (but I disguise it, badly, with long sentences)?


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scraps: -nocookie

So, for those who care about such things, I have enabled “privacy-enhanced mode” on every currently-embedded YouTube video on I’ll endeavour to do this on future posts too. This doesn’t affect Vimeo or other video-streaming sites though, and I haven’t looked into whether they even have the option. Why’d I do it? Because for reasons I haven’t fully defined, I don’t think external sites should get to know things about my visitors without my visitors having explicitly opted to engage with the external content. But one shouldn’t think of this change as anything more than a gesture in a particular direction – I’m lazy and won’t be arsed to make significant changes to more things. It just so happens that this particular change was pretty easy to make.

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