scraps: more bits on top

It’s the website we all know and love, but with more bits on top. That is, a few post categories I opted to list in the header menu to make it look, err, more used. Good idea? Terrible idea? Inspires a better idea that you’re willing to help me implement because I’m not terribly good at this page-making business and this whole thing kinda came together more-or-less by accident and I have no idea what I’m doing (but I disguise it, badly, with long sentences)?


Admittedly it’s not entirely what I want – I’d like the About page (I should probably update that some time…) listed on the opposite end. Along with, perhaps, a dropdown menu to list links to other friendly internet places. Dropdowns might work well for the categories, too – each one might list the two or three most used tags in that category…

Do I keep it like this? Do you hate it? Have a better idea? Is this a democracy? (No.) Comments may or may not receive due consideration.