scraps: now with more code

The keen-eyed among you should notice that I finally implemented code tags for the site theme. They are so stupendously overdue I can hardly fathom how I got on without them for so long. But there we are; marvel at our resilience in the face of difficulty and all that.

I did ’em all quick ‘n dirty like (see also: this post, your mom, haha, etcetera), for the benefit of the post to follow this one. Good, bad, colour suggestions, rubbish, thoughts, those things – they go in the comments.

I tried to make for fancy code tags in the post title as well, and I was partly successful. My intention had been to to have the tagged word (“code”) invert the colour of the rest of the title when the title is hovered over (so “now with more” goes white, while “code” goes orange), but my attempts only resulted in “code” changing colour if I hovered over it specifically. I abandoned the attempt at the half-hour mark.

Anyway… given the self-hosting theme, should I ditch Disqus? I’m considering ditching Disqus…