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gibs: ipCheck: quick and dirty what-is-my-IP script

When I made that VPN script thing, I did so mostly remotely from the host system on which it would be used, over SSH.
So where I would usually just run a quick ‘what is my ip’ web search to confirm my internet IP, that was not possible when testing the VPN script over SSH. So I made this. I still find it useful so, uh, maybe others will too.

The script also checks your IP with multiple (three) online services. You know, in case one is lying to you, or, uhh… Just… It makes extra sure, okay?

Find it here.


Remote IPing

So one afternoon about a week ago, I found myself needing to change a Windows client’s IP settings. I didn’t want to make the walk up three flights of stairs to do it. So I Google’d a way to do it remotely, and turns out it’s a pretty easy thing to do. More and how after the jump.

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