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Gibs: Games for cheaps!

GamersGate, some online store I haven’t used before but likely will today, is having themselves a great big Summer Sale Reloaded and a whole lotta Ubisoft games have been well discounted for the next 61 hours. So, y’know, heads up ‘n stuff.

Myself, I’m looking to pick up Splinter Cell Blacklist Deluxe Edition (75% off), Tom Clancy’s End War (75% off), the AC III Season Pass (75% off), AC IV Black Flag (33% off), and/or AC Freedom Cry (33% off). There are a lot more available, too. Thus far my experience with the site has been pretty positive and I rather like the profile achievements and minion thing they have going on. I’ve yet to buy anything but I’ll update here once I have.

Thanks, Tek Syndicate (go ahead and use their link whatsit so they get commission and such, because they’re cool and I haven’t figured out how to get my own one ^^).


E32014: Far Cry 4’s villain, gameplay, release detailed

For E3 update number two, the next shiny to catch the distant hollerings of my attention is Far Cry 4. We have the introduction of that stylish and controversial (at least to the conclusion-jumping internet folk) main villain, a look at some gameplay and co-op action, and a release date.

E32014: Far Cry 4's villain, gameplay, release detailed

But first, a bloody selfie.

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