Gibs: Sim 2000 Special City Edition

What? Okay, I seem to have run out of ways to headline things that are getting the On The House treatment on Origin. Ignoring my failure in headline composition, EA has dropped SimCity 2000 Special Edition in the freebie-bin. I’m starting to feel like they decide to drop these things every time I neglect this blog, because I’d be compelled to post about their new promotion… Which is nice of them, I guess. Thanks EA.


I don’t have terribly much to say about SimCity 2000… I played it some (really just for about half an hour at a time, maybe five times over two years…) a few years back, and really just remember struggling to get to grips with it and eventually abandoning it for whatever I was more interested in then (Half Life or Counter-Strike or StarCraft or something. Probably.). I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the 2013 reboot, though. Origin tells me I have 260 hours logged on it right now. The city-building is fun, the game sure is pretty, and oh-man is it addictive…

Oh, right, thanks IGN. :D