Gibs: Gog’s giving out free Mount & Blade’s

The apostrophe in that header is probably grammatically incorrect… Oh well. In case my failing English has you flummoxed, allow me to reiterate: you can get Mount & Blade for free on until November 14, 13:59 GMT! Go(g)!


So Gog’s doing their 2014 DRM-Free Big Fall (Autumn, damnit; also it’s Spring here now… Ugh…) Sale at the moment. They’ve got a whole lot of great games at great prices with a great lack of DRM because Gog’s great like that. Honestly I don’t use Gog nearly enough because places Steam, Origin, GMG, and GamersGate tend to just eke them out on the pricing front, but of course I’m paying for that by inflicting DRM on myself. Then again Steam does DRM right so my loyalties there are a little conflicted. But those of you looking for games the way they should be distributed should get on over there and get some great classics at sweet prices. Also collect stamps so you can get yourself a free copy of The Witcher 2 and The Gamers: Director’s Cut.


I didn’t pay Mount & Blade much attention when it first came along. The demo I had a crack at just didn’t inspire me to continue playing, but now I have it on my backlog and in a future where sleep is made unnecessary and/or infinite time becomes a thing I’ll have less excuse to not give it more than a cursory glance.