Gibs: Have Dragon Age: Origins, for free

Yep, that’s right: Dragon Age: Origins, the first game in the Dragon Age series, is free right now, until 14 October 2014, on Origin. The price of zero monies/credits/dosh/green/et cetera. Ala on the house. So get on over there and do the things to get it. Hurray!


Great news for me, as I’d just recently been considering picking this up while it was on sale… I eventually decided against it, but mainly because I figured I’d bought enough games and shouldn’t go splashing out more monies on games that would end up being at least a year down the play-queue. I’ve had an interested eye on the Dragon Age series since finishing the Mass Effect series, and have been looking for more BioWare-style goodness since, but was never quite convinced to go ahead with Dragon Age.

Thanks, IGN!