E32014: GTA V coming to PC

First up in the E32014 avalanche, is the official news of GTA V coming to PC! And the XBONE and PS4, but whatever. PC! It’ll be coming during our spring 2014 (“fall” 2014…). More details and a trailer after the jump.

E32014: GTA V Coming to PC

Everyone already knew that this would happen eventually. Except now it’s finally been officially confirmed for realsies by SCEA president and CEO Andrew House during Sony’s press conference. Also news, via Rockstar Newswire, is that this new-fangled now-gen version will do nicer things with the graphics (obviously), like “increased draw distances, finer texture details, denser traffic and enhanced resolutions” as well as including every content update to GTA Online released thus far. Also, there’ll be the option to port your GTA Online character from those old versions to a new version, and the PC version goes on to be that much better by throwing an in-game video editor into the mix as well, for recording all that glorious ass-hattery and then putting transitions over the boring bits. There’s a trailer below, so, y’know, watch that.

I have been unreasonably eager for GTA V to come to the Master Platform (is this getting a bit much yet?) ever since playing it for half an hour on some underpowered rotational thing for a mere half hour and then having the controller stolen from me by the owner. So, MUCH EXCITE WOW.

Via NAG Online.