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Review: Max Payne 3

So, I’ve been smashing words together to write this review for about two months. It’s been mostly complete for at least 6 weeks of those two months, but I haven’t posted because… reasons, or something. So here it is, presented to the internether (that’s internet/ether, you with “but that’s not a word” shut up), no more screwing about.

Max Payne was modern gaming innovation incarnate. The noir story and gritty, graphic novel presentation, coupled with solid over-the-shoulder shooter mechanics and oh-so-awesome bullet time, won Max Payne a place in the heart of many a gamer. The sequel, Max Payne 2:┬áThe Fall of Max Payne, expanded on the series and earned a proud place beside the first. Years later, a very different Max Payne is released to a much changed gaming world…

Review: Max Payne 3

See, different.

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