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E32014: Full E3 Ahead!

So E3 2014 (that’s Electronic Entertainment Expo…) is in full swing right now (well, perhaps not, depending on when you’re reading this, but it is a-swingin’ as I type).

E32014: Full E3 Ahead!

I shan’t be covering everything, because a) I’m not in LA, 2) I’m not yet writing about games for a living so going there can’t be justified as a business expense, III) I don’t have a sponsor to send me there (see points a and 2), and four) I have a day job not related to gaming so I can’t very well be sitting around watching live-streams all day (night, actually, because America Time). But all that said, there are some really cool things coming out of that gaming super-convention, so keep an eye out for moar posts (!) about the things coming out of E3 that catch my eye.

Use this here link (AKA the E32014 tag) to see all the things I end up posting that have something to do with E3 2014: r4mzy.co.za/tag/e32014

Also, today should mark the first day I make more than one actual, genuine, no just BS or testing post! Go progress!