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rAge 2015: Friday: Bring Your Own Dice

You know what’s fun? Gaming expos, that’s what. We don’t have all that many of them happen down here on this end of Africa (or probably in Africa in general), but at least one of what we have is pretty good. That being rAge – which runs every year over a weekend in October (for the last, like, I dunno, 11 years or something), showcasing all kinds of wonderfully geeky, techy, nerdy, and gamey type things. That, and it plays host to a kickass BYOC LAN (the NAG LAN @ rAge), which every year for the last few years is the largest held in the southern hemisphere (as far as I’m aware, anyway). This is my eighth attendance, and I thought I’d write something of what I saw here over day one, Friday.


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Gibs: Holy rAging dates, Bitcoin!

Or: rAge 2014’s date changes and a local Bitcoin ATM is a thing that is happening. Basically, some stuff wot I saw upon my Feedly today.

This just in: rAge, a really Awesome gaming expo that takes place in South Africa every year and is basically the bestest single LAN and gaming event in the everywhere [citation needed], has had its usual first-weekend-of-October date changed. It’s now taking place a week later, from 10 October to 12 October, to leverage the power of school holidays or something.

And then, because I saw the article right after the rAge one and something needs to be done with this site/blog/blahg/wat/thing, South Africa’s getting a Bitcoin ATM! In Sandton somewhere (that’s kinda our tech and business capital type place, and also where wealthy business and trendy types live, or some such)! I don’t do much with Bitcoins, besides leaving miners running on PCs of mine that’d be powered-on anyway, but I think us getting our first Bitcoin ATM is a pretty sweet thing and I look forward to the day where I actually have a Bitcoin to use (pooled mining is slow stuff, what with only little desktops running here and there)! Or some other cryptocurrency… R4mCoins, anyone? :D

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