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Review: Shadowrun Returns

A little while back, I mentioned I’d been playing this. Well, I finally finished it this last week and figured a review might make a nice post.

Shadowrun Returns is an isometric, turn-based, role-playing affair. The player has dominion over a character who can be specced to specialise in in all sorts of wonderfully different proficiencies, thanks to being set in a fantasy world of elves, dwarves, orcs, trolls, and humans all eking out their survival in a corporation-controlled future. Shamanistic and wizardly magic have returned to the world, alongside the emergence of metahumans, while technology has advanced much like we want it to and brought Deus Ex prosthetics, Matrix-inspired virtual-world hacking, and little drones to do our fighting for us while we control them with our minds from behind cover.



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Deus Ex movie still a thing

So, there’s a movie in the works based on Deus Ex: Human Revolution (which I reviewed so I guess I should keep tabs on this kind of thing…). It’s being directed by Scott Derrickson who, in a recent interview with IGN, confirmed the still living status of the film and his continued involvement with it as director. Apparently, the film’s script is “tricky” and it’s “going through some more rewrites right now.” That doesn’t sound terribly positive to me (sounds like development hell… Or is that scripting hell? Eh…), but hey I’m no movie maker so what do I know?

The movie’s set to focus on giving us more Adam Jensen as a character, which I’m all for, with the story centered around the events of Human Revolution. There’s some bleed-through from the story progression of the upcoming games, notably Deus Ex Universe, “but not a lot.” Also, Robert Cargill is the guy with the writing duties and he’s previously said some stuff about the good writing of the game, and that they’re approaching the movie not as a video game movie but rather as a cyberpunk movie. He’s also played the game, multiple times, which is just damn wonderful (srsly).

This all sounds pretty good to me, so now I’m just hoping they get their script penned soon and they make Adam sound right.

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