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Gibs: Holy rAging dates, Bitcoin!

Or: rAge 2014’s date changes and a local Bitcoin ATM is a thing that is happening. Basically, some stuff wot I saw upon my Feedly today.

This just in: rAge, a really Awesome gaming expo that takes place in South Africa every year and is basically the bestest single LAN and gaming event in the everywhere [citation needed], has had its usual first-weekend-of-October date changed. It’s now taking place a week later, from 10 October to 12 October, to leverage the power of school holidays or something.

And then, because I saw the article right after the rAge one and something needs to be done with this site/blog/blahg/wat/thing, South Africa’s getting a Bitcoin ATM! In Sandton somewhere (that’s kinda our tech and business capital type place, and also where wealthy business and trendy types live, or some such)! I don’t do much with Bitcoins, besides leaving miners running on PCs of mine that’d be powered-on anyway, but I think us getting our first Bitcoin ATM is a pretty sweet thing and I look forward to the day where I actually have a Bitcoin to use (pooled mining is slow stuff, what with only little desktops running here and there)! Or some other cryptocurrency… R4mCoins, anyone? :D

Read more about both of these of things at their/my sources, here and here!