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The robots are coming! Why wait?

So I had an idea. I doubt it’s an original one, but I don’t recall reading or hearing or seeing it anywhere. So I’m putting it here.

There’s a lot of discussion around the idea of an unconditional (or universal, but I prefer unconditional) basic income, UBI, today. It seems many people are very well aware of our collective position as doe’s in the headlights of the fast-approaching eighteen-wheeler of ‘technological and structural unemployment.’ But it seems to me there’s a gap in the UBI videos I have watched, that being a common assumption that the state would be the one to provide a UBI, and I wonder why this should be?

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samba-tdb: automating Samba .tdb backups

I’ve been playing with the idea of running a standalone Samba server to replace an old NAS device that I’d like to repurpose. So I looked for some Samba best-practice ideas and one of them mentioned the periodic backing up and checking the small database files Samba uses for storing config and running info. I figured I’d automate the task with a script, and here we are.


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Oh geez, that was laboured…

Anyway. Who knew building a mere web page to make a quick SQL query to a database would would be something I thought warranted me waffling about it?
So here’s the deal: over the last few weeks I worked on a small side project at work to build a web page that would display the results of a SQL query/lookup.
This was new for me, since I’m far more used to maintaining the servers that host these things, not building the things themselves. Still, building this has been, dare I say, a rather fun time. After all the troubleshooting (though that holds its own appeal in satisfaction).

Image, uh, kind of related…

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Everyday Scripting: Launch ALL the game clients

You know what really grinds my gears? Opening game clients one by one when I want them all to open and update. So I engaged in a little every-day-scripting to stop the grinding. “Code” inside.


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scraps: the twit on top

I added a scrolly-Twitter-thing because I thought it was neat-o. I’ve always liked unobtrusive scrolly bits (tickers); it’s probably got something to do with watching too many news channels and daytime infomercial television, so here we are. At least there’s some activity on the screen now. Kinda.

But wait there’s-
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Reading the Sandstorm

I’m totally not compensating for failing to post in March.
Just thought I’d get that out of the way. Y’know, to ward off questions.

Many moons ago (like two damn years’; wowzor ‘n stuff), I pumped out text detailing how I keep up with the news-ey things that interest me. Well, the inexorable passage of time has seen that old post turn to a falsehood. Now I, in a narcissistic revisitation of old material, decided it was high time I let my valuable readers know that things just don’t work like that any more.

Apparently a clock. Of Persian origin.

Apparently a clock. Of Persian origin.

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What a WOUnderful World

Windows updates! “Aww geez, R4mzy, now why’d you go and irritate everyone with such opening words?” Fret not, proverbial commentator, for I am about to tell of a way to make those words a little less headache-inducing! The thing is called WSUS Offline Updates, and you’ll need to vault the Read More button for details.

Lookit the purty terminal.

Lookit the purty terminal.

Oh and, err, a little belated, but Happy New Year and/or whatever it is you do over the December period.

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Gibs: smoke weed e’er’ day

Well, no, not really. Not even close. But I like the stuff and engage in recreational use of it on occasion. I don’t see how it or it’s effects are worse than alcohol, or tobacco for that matter (I’d much rather people got high than drunk, for the most part). I believe weed should be legal for whatever-the-hell-you-like use by consenting adults (no kids m’kay, same as the alcohol and tobacco rules). There’s also that whole other bag of benefits that marijuana provides to the quality of life of a great many people who deal with pain and discomfort, as results of injury or disease or whatever else, along with other medicinal uses.

That’s why I put mouth to money and donated towards the Trial of the Plant campaign on Indiegogo. It’s a crowd-funding campaign, run by the Dagga Couple (lel), that seeks to bring some fight to the marijuana legalisation effort by getting recognised experts on the topic to have their say in the, yep, Trial of the Plant over at South Africa’s High Court in Pretoria in March 2016. The Indiegogo and Dagga Couple pages will explain the details better, but it suffices to say that I’d rather like them to be successful and I feel the prohibition of marijuana is stupid.

Plant and grow and pick and dry and cure and...

Plant and grow and pick and dry and cure and…

I’d go further to say that growing it for personal use should be just as allowed because I’d like my weed home-grown-reliable, with no drug-dealer WTF or mass-producing tobacco-company-style chemicals, thank you…

Anyway, if you feel like I feel go donate quick ’cause there isn’t much time left on that there campaign (sorry, I didn’t want to share until I donated because that felt disingenuous and I donated late because putting money towards crowd-funding campaigns requires me to think on them a long time).

Review: Prayer for the Blood Angel

Cor, is November nearly done already? Indeed it seems so, what with darkened Fridays and the tentative appearances of holiday decorations… I hadn’t planned it but turns out today’s post is a book review. See, when I’d finished splashing the book-related text on the screen I realised I had enough wordy bits there to make a whole post with so I figured I’d go with it. So, without further ado…

That'd be my desk in the background, yes.

Don’t you just love that glare?

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rAge 2015: Friday: Bring Your Own Dice

You know what’s fun? Gaming expos, that’s what. We don’t have all that many of them happen down here on this end of Africa (or probably in Africa in general), but at least one of what we have is pretty good. That being rAge – which runs every year over a weekend in October (for the last, like, I dunno, 11 years or something), showcasing all kinds of wonderfully geeky, techy, nerdy, and gamey type things. That, and it plays host to a kickass BYOC LAN (the NAG LAN @ rAge), which every year for the last few years is the largest held in the southern hemisphere (as far as I’m aware, anyway). This is my eighth attendance, and I thought I’d write something of what I saw here over day one, Friday.


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