Why, would you look at the date! It’s about time I added more text to this thing, innit? Well, let’s see, what have I got to say? …
Starting with myself, I started a new job last week, so that’s been nice. Game-wise, I’ve been playing a lot of The Witcher (one). And something about a giraffe. Yes.

pic related?

pic related?

I’m now an IT Support Engineer, doing network and desktop supporty things for a certain company’s local branch. Good place thus far – they like to do nice things for their staff (like buy them lunch), have decent benefits, and are real sticklers for ensuring a comfortable and safe work environment. I’d say where, but there are warnings about doing that sort of thing on the internet. They distribute the Raspberry Pi, though. That may give it away… So what am I doing there? Besides the usual gamut of user, application, OS, and hardware support, I’ll be playing with building a new Asterisk VoIP setup and some VMWare ESXi upgrades (4.1 to 5.5). At least, that’s what’s been talked about so far.


Why The Witcher 1? Because I bought it and The Witcher 2 on sale some time back. Then I played it for a few hours, didn’t pay attention to my quest instructions and couldn’t figure out what to with said quest, and eventually ended up abandoning it. Then I got a major excite for The Witcher 3 (the tipping-point video stands accused below) and pre-ordered it (on the last day before release, of course – along with the “Expansion Pass”…). And now I have this shiny, new, amazing (according to EVERYONE I speak to and who’s words I read) Witcher 3 that I can’t bloody let myself play because I /need/ to get through the first and second games before I do… Such problems we have. On the bright side, The Witcher 1 holds up as a pretty good game, I think. The combat is decent and sufficiently deep if you dive into it (that is, up the difficulty so you have to use signs and potions). I rather like Geralt as a character and am interested to see where his story leads me. The general world and narrative are well presented, interesting, and filled with enough lore to satisfy any lore-lover. Where it stumbles is more an issue of age – the game still looks okay, but the play and mechanics tend to give away it’s aged design sensibilities, and the world may seem large but spend enough time in any given area and you start to see how it ticks under the graphical front-end and notice how, really, things are a little sparse in places behind the facade.

So that’s about all I feel like typing about. Hooray! Not a thousand words for once! Will more waffling reveal the lie of that last sentence?! Who knows?! Perhaps this singing giraffe thing!

Let’s get it on…