Slipping into the shadows…

I could hold myself back no longer, and have succumbed to welcoming darkness of Mordor. Which is to say, I watched a video of Shadow of Mordor’s Nemesis system in action and got myself well excited to give it a go, so I bought the thing. To ease the pain some, I found a 25% off code for Green Man Gaming so the cash-burn isn’t quite retail-degree. Find out about said code and video after the jump.


The code I got was through the splendid people over at Tek Syndicate (I told you they were a good bunch to follow) and Dealzon (another splendid bunch of people who keep the Tek Syndicate people updated on sweet, sweet gaming deals). Check out the deal page for details and to get the coupon code (I think this expires soon, so hurry if you want it). Green Man Gaming is the online storefront to which the code applies, and buying through them turned out to be a straightforward process of creating a profile and exchanging money for what I wanted from them (which was a Steam key for Shadow of Mordor). Hurray! I wanted the retail copy, because I like having game cases to put on my shelves, but I like saving money more and retail was more expensive, so digital it had to be.

Being the horrible sheep-consumer I was compelled to be, I picked up the Shadow of Mordor + Season Pass package because I don’t like the idea of missing content for my game. As much as I dislike the trend of almost every new release getting this DLC and season pass rubbish, I like having the complete game package more. And really, so much great content gets sequestered into DLC and season passes, not buying them is becoming akin to buying less than the full game. Stop screwing around, publishers, and release the bloody titles with their full content at the price you want to charge for them. This DLC shit isn’t blinding anyone from the fact that (game + DLC) basically equals (game) and the DLC is being used to make it look like the game’s price is less than what it really is. It’s the same bullshit that’s lead to everything everywhere being priced at numbers like 99.99 instead of just 100. Okay, the obligatory and reflexive DLC-hate rant should be satisfied for now…

Right, so… Ah, yes. The video I mentioned. It’s a “supercut from about 4 hours of gameplay,” highlighting someone’s experience with a dynamically generated nemesis. I’m not going to give you (more) reason to tl;dr here, so, y’know, just watch it. It’s embedded. Below. Begin.

See what the video creator had to say about it here (also catch a cool gaming web-comic that I’ve followed for years).

Right now I fully intend to drop an update post with my impressions of the game once I’ve given it a go. We’ll see whether that materialises or not. First, I wait for the download…

Update – 20141003 – 12h35
Oh looky, Green Man Gaming gave me a referral link. That’s nice of them. It would be nice of you, too, to use it if you want to sign up and buy stuff with them. :D
You’ll get $2.00 credit if you do, as will I.