Gibs: Expensive command training? Nah, winging it is free!

Ugh. EA and Origin keep being nice, which is really screwing with that whole “EA is teh devil-company” idea for me… In this latest incident of doing something cool, Wing Commander 3: Heart of the Tiger is free on Origin until 16 September 2014, as part of their On the House thingy. So, y’know, go git a game for nuthin’.

Redeem it on their site or through the Origin application, the choice is yours. Just do it, because it’s free and everyone knows gamers can’t resist freebies.


Hmm, perhaps I shoulda wrote the opening sentences with an “EA hopes to cash in on Star Citizen’s popularity” sorta spin, that’d feed the devil-company idea…

I never did play any of the Wing Commander series, but if what I’ve read on the internet over the years is any accurate indication it’s bloody brilliant and I have gamed a deprived existence. And I suppose if I take into account the amount squee’s I’ve uttered (the answer is many) as more and more Star Citizen tidbits reveal themselves, and consider that Star Citizen frontman Chris Roberts was all up in Wing Commander’s development as well, I am inclined to figure that the internet is indeed correct.

If I actually try this one out (hard to say whether I will; revisiting old games, classic or no, is not something I do much of), I’ll be sure to post some thoughts about it. In the meantime, enjoy the deliciously cheesey piece of live-action game-cinematic nostalgia embedded below.