Gamescom 2014: Evolve

So what did Gamescom have in store for Evolve, the 4v1 monster-hunting game in development by Turtle Rock Studios (the chaps behind Left 4 Dead) and which is looking set to be monstrously fun? Make the jump to find out.


Well, firstly, Microsoft dun’ went and nabbed XBONE exclusivity for Evolve’s upcoming open beta. In addition, the XBONE will also get access to “premium DLC content” before other platforms (I don’t know by how long or whether that “premium” bit means only certain DLC is gets delayed). So, y’know, that’s nice I guess (for them anyway). The full release is still happening on PC and PS4, in addition to XBONE, at the same time though, the date for which is said to be February 10, 2015.

Also, a new map, called Distillery, was revealed during the Evolve demo. A tighter, more close-quarters affair than what’s been shown before, and there are creatures called Glaciapods who crap blue health pickups that the Monster can use (eat). Three new members of wildlife were also revealed (the Steamadon, Cephalodon, and blitz leopard). Snow was also a thing shown, demonstrating the effects that randomised weather changes – snow storms in this case – can have on the match, like reduced visibility for both sides and snowfall covering the monster’s tracks. Check out the trailer (read: Gamescom demonstration showing off the new map) below.

Evolve also went on to win the Best of Gamescom award, along with Best Action Game, Best Online Multiplayer, Best PC Game and Best Xbox Game. So the Gamescom judges (a “panel of experts from the games industry and the games press”) were clearly mighty taken with it. I’m inclined to agree with them, so I’m sticking a gameplay demo under this here paragraph too.

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