Free living with The Expendabros

Hmm. I’m treading dangerously close to establishing a trend of only ever posting on here about free stuff. Which is great and all, because free stuff (obviously), but, y’know, doesn’t exactly hit the “credible original content” mark that I have sorta-intentions of hitting.

A sweet little side-scrolling action title by the name of The Expendabros was recently released with extra Freedom. That is, it’s actually free. So you should look past the validity of my claims regarding the title’s “sweetness” (because I haven’t played it or the previous title that it’s based on, so I really have absolutely no idea what it tastes like), and just get on with acquiring a free game. Acquire it here, on The Expendabros‘ Steam page (or right through the Steam client, if, y’know, you’re not stuck in an office reading about things you’d rather be playing because work PCs and the frowned-upon idea of gaming on them). Oh, and it’ll be “available for download until December 31, 2014.” Read more of the rubbish I type about The Expendabros after the jump (there’s a trailer too).


The Expendabros is a, err, demo/spin-off thing of Broforce, which itself is also a “sweet little side-scrolling action title” [citation needed] but that one is like regular paid-for games (and also on Steam). It’s probably also got a lot more content, and more Bro’s with which to create mayhem. Speaking of mayhem, both titles are full of it, what with the premise of each being something along the lines of picking a Bro from a selection of Bro’s, inspired by Manly Men of Action Films, then going off to punch terrorism in the face while everything explodes. The Expendabros in particular is actually an officially licensed wossname of the action-all-stars film series The Expendables, the third of which has just premiered, and uses the cast of the films to fill the Bro pool and inspire things. From what I’ve read and watched, it all looks rather fun and I’m eager to get at this free one so I can convince my wallet to hand over the dough for the full Broforce experience.

Now, as promised, a trailer!

Finally, Broforce and The Expendabros are developed by local (South African) indie developer Free Lives. Which is absolutely Bro-tastic and I feel ashamed to admit that I don’t own a local developer’s highly-acclaimed title, given how many happy’s I get from seeing local devs do great things. While you wait for your free stuff to download, go check out their website for more information and better descriptions of what they’ve done.

So with that shame-dodging plug… Thanks NAG Online. ^^

I’m surprised I didn’t get an accidental Expandabros in there… aw snap-