EA’s Origin store drops physical copies

Well, the title about says it all…

EA has decided to no longer sell physical/boxed copies of games through the Origin store. News to me was that you could actually buy physical copies on the Origin store. They claim that only 1% of their customers actually bought physical copies through Origin, though it seems likely to me that’s ’cause people weren’t really aware they could buy physical copies there. Though chances are it’d be cheaper to buy your physicals (heh) through a retailer anyway.

There seems to be some confusion about whether EA/Origin games will now no longer be available as physical copies at all, and the announcement doesn’t exactly deal with that point explicitly, but rest assured that’s not the case. This is not an end to physical copies for Origin entirely, you just can’t buy them directly off the Origin store. This guys says so pretty clearly, and he seems legit.

Source: Origin News
Via: GamesIndustry International