It’s been much too long since I did anything on here, so while I faff around getting the Max Payne 3 review done (it’s been stuck in the ProcrastiNation for about two weeks now…) this here belated activity is my attempt at redemption.

Hit ‘dat jump fo’ deets.

So what is this post all about? Not much in particular! Or, it’s about how I subscribe to and browse news feeds and some things I just feel like sharing (because I’m tired of them sitting there, uselessly, in the “Saved For Later” list).

One thing I’ve found myself becoming unable to live without on my Internetravels, besides the prerequisite connectivity, is a news reader with which I can subscribe to the feeds and updates of my favourite sites and keep up on the news. The day Google executed their Google Reader was a sad one indeed, but luckily for me a saviour and upgrade came along in the form of Feedly. Feedly’s pretty much an RSS subscription thingy like Google Reader was (it does more, but I don’t use much else), except it does things better and the Android apps for it are nicer. But that’s not the vague point of this post…

The point is to share the things I’ve had saved in Feedly, which had been saved with the very nebulous goal of sharing at some point, the opportunity for which just hasn’t come to pass in my usual direct, person-to-person operations. So instead I’m just throwing them out to the wider Internet…



Why did I save this and subsequently throw it down here? Because I thought it was funny and relevant and interesting and true. There are probably going to be a few entries from Memebase here…



And this one because it’s particularly relevant to the fact that I’m just throwing some things I know into a bowl to make experience out of them, like with how I’m throwing this post together for further practice. Yeah.

And that’s it for now, because I don’t want this post to become a wall-o’-text. Until the next broadcast!